Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Super funny video - Top 10 scary maze prank reactions

Yet another of the top 10 videos from you tube - The top 10 scary maze prank reactions:

Funny video - Top 10 fat kid fails

Here is another very funny top 10 - Its the top 10 fat kid fails!

10 Most awesome nut shots - Funny video

This video is soooo painful, yet so funny. Its the top 10 best nut shot videos from you tube:

One very angry cat - One very funny video!

Well probably everyone in the world has seen this - At the time of making this blog post, this video has had 47 million views, why? Because this is one very angry cat, and this is one very funny video!

The dramatic kitty!

If you have seen the dramatic hamster video you will know what this one is about - This kitty gets a very funny look on his face all of a sudden - one very funny video!!

A compilation video of very funny cat pictures

Here is a great compilation video of some of the funniest cat pictures on the net: